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Yes/No Questions Listen and answer yes or no to each question.

  1. Is a pretzel a snack?

  2. Is eight a letter?

  3. Is r a number?

  4. Is a store a place?

  5. Is breakfast a meal?

  6. Is a drum a musical instrument?

  7. Is a rake a piece of jewelry?

  8. Is a clarinet a kind of insect?

  9. Is an aunt a relative?

  10. Is a rose a tree?

  11. Is orange juice a shape?

  12. Is morning a time of day?

  13. Is measles an illness?

  14. Is Wednesday of name of a month?

  15. Is cough syrup of type of medicine?

  16. Is March a season?

  17. Is a sack a container?

  18. Is a crib a piece of clothing?

  19. Is a screwdriver a tool?

  20. Is rainy a time of year?

  21. Is a sprain an injury?

  22. Is a robin a city?

  23. Is a video entertainment?

  24. Is San Francisco a country?

  25. Is Europe a continent?

  26. Is Washington D.C. a city?

  27. Are scales a measuring instrument?

  28. Are tissues a paper product?

  29. Is detergent a hobby?

  30. Is a pecan a type of nut?

  31. Is tomorrow a month of the year?

  32. Is an train an appliance.

  33. Is a skyscraper a type of building?

  34. Is running an activity?

  35. Is winter a name of a season?

  36. Is May a name of a month?

  37. Is Tuesday a name of a month?

  38. Is summer a name of a day of the week?

  39. Is a table a piece of furniture?

  40. Is a bus a type of vehicle?

Which .....?  Listen and choose the correct answer.

  1. Which is light, a feather or a truck?

  2. Which is noisy, a whisper or a basketball game?

  3. Which is salty, a pear or popcorn?

  4. Which is soft, a cotton ball or a bowling ball?

  5. Which is smelly, a dirty diaper or a flag?

  6. Which is hard, a rock or a pillow?

  7. Which is chewy, a pop or gum?

  8. Which is sweet, sugar or a lemon?

  9. Which is shiny, dirt or a star?

  10. Which is sharp, a cup or a knife?

  11. Which is crunchy, noodles or chips?

  12. Which is warm, a blanket or shorts?

  13. Which measures, a ruler or a book?

  14. Which bends, a chair or a leg?

  15. Which drips, a flower or a faucet?

  16. Which melts, a candy bar or a car?

  17. Which is quick, a turtle or a hare?

  18. Which is smooth, a table or a road?

  19. Which is graceful, a dancer or a clown?

  20. Which rolls, a paper or a ball?

  21. Which stretches, a rubber band or a towel?

  22. Which is wrinkled, a baby or a grandma?

  23. Which is a solid, wood or milk?

  24. Which is a liquid, a horse or water?

  25. Which is a gas, oxygen or ice?

  26. Which is heavy, a truck or a baby?

  27. Which is a fruit, green beans or an apple?

  28. Which is a vegetable, bananas or peas?

  29. Which is a dairy product, watermelon or cheese?

  30. Which is a meat, steak or flour?

  31. Which things grow: a flower, a cupboard, hair?

  32. Which things spin: tires, a wrench, a top?

  33. Which things have hands: a person, a watch, a glass?

  34. Which things are valuable: toys, gold, antiques?

  35. Which things have keys: doors, pianos, bracelet?

  36. Which things are wet: ocean, robin, stream?

  37. Which things are nourishing: chips, fruits, vegetables?

  38. Which things illuminate: stars, sun, cave?

  39. Which things are important: school work, cheating, voting?

  40. Which things are family members: stranger, cousin, grandparent.

Which group do ...... belong to?  Listen and choose the correct answer.

  1. Which group do orange juice and water belong to?    drinks or meats

  2. Which group do lettuce and carrots belong to?    fruits or vegetables

  3. Which group do a wrench and a shovel belong to?    appliances or tools

  4. Which group do m and n belong to?    letters or numbers

  5. Which group do basketball and golf belong to?    school or sports

  6. Which group do crickets and bees belong to?    birds or insects

  7. Which group do triangle and diamond belong to?    shapes or meals

  8. Which group do tiger and leopard belong to?    farm animals or jungle animals

  9. Which group do banker and doctor belong to?    transportation or occupations

  10. Which group do yard and mile belong to?    units of measure or temperature

  11. Which group do dishwasher and stove belong to?    utensils or appliances

  12. Which group do Venus and Mars belong to?    planets or stars

  13. Which group do love and hate belong to?    entertainment or emotions

  14. Which group do water and milk belong to?    solid or liquid

  15. Which group do wood and metal belong to?    solid or gas

  16. Which group do necklaces and rings belong to?    clothes or jewelry

  17. Which group do Atlantic and Indian belong to?    rivers or oceans

  18. Which group do Europe and Asia belong to?    countries or continents

  19. Which group do box and sack belong to?    containers or buildings

  20. Which group do maple and weeping willow belong to?    flowers or trees

  21. Which group do napkins and Kleenexes belong to?    paper products or cloth

  22. Which group do ice cream and yogurt belong to?    dairy products or meats

  23. Which group do cinnamon and pepper belong to?    spices or liquids

  24. Which group do Paris and Chicago belong to?    countries or cities

  25. Which group do flannel and cotton belong to?    fabrics or wood

  26. Which group do flute and clarinet belong to?    tools or musical instruments

  27. Which group do bed and couch belong to?    hardware or furniture

  28. Which group do Porsche and Corvette belong to?    vehicles or science names

  29. Which group do stem and pistil belong to?    flower parts or body parts

  30. Which group do rock and brick belong to?     things that sink or things that float

Which category did you hear?  Listen and answer each question.

  1. The students ate lunch at 11:30 am.  Which meal did you hear?

  2. The flowers were red and pink.  What colors did you hear?

  3. The children sat in a circle on the square mat.  What shapes did you hear?

  4. While watching TV, they ate popcorn and candy?  What snacks did you hear?

  5. The tulips and carnations were beautiful.  What flowers did you hear?

  6. The couch was next to the end table.  What furniture did you hear?

  7. Winter is my favorite time of the year.  What season did you hear?

  8. I like to swim in July.  What month did you hear?

  9. The children toured the museum and library.  What buildings did you hear?

  10. On our trip, we rode on a train and subway.  What vehicles did you hear?

  11. The water leaked from the bottle.  What liquid did you hear?

  12. I fixed supper using the oven and microwave.  What appliances did you hear?

  13. The man bought his wife a bracelet and pin.  What jewelry did you hear?

  14. The blue jay and cardinal were in the pine tree.  What birds did you hear?

  15. Ice cubes were in the freezer.  What cold things did you hear?

  16. I bought a large sweater and medium pants.  What sizes did you hear?

  17. John had an earache and the measles.  What illnesses did you hear?

  18. The bee stung the boy.  What insect did you hear?

  19. The marching band had trumpets and drums.  What instruments did you hear?

  20. The sun was shining brightly.  What hot thing did you hear?

  21. The police officer visited with the EMT.  What occupations did you hear?

  22. I gave my daughter a quarter and a dime.  What money did you hear?

  23. The necklace had diamonds and emeralds.  What gems did you hear?

  24. The spaceship flew by Venus and Mars.  What planets did you hear?

  25. We planted a blue spruce and maple.  What trees did you hear?

  26. The fire truck and ambulance went speeding by.  What vehicles did you hear?

  27. The rain turned into sleet and snow.  What weather words did you hear?

  28. When I watched the movie I felt happy and sad.  What emotions did you hear?

  29. Tom took algebra, biology, and computers.  What subjects did you hear?

  30. Sally traveled to Australia and South America.  What continents did you hear?

Use another category word in the sentence  Listen and think of a word from the same category as the italicized word and replace it in the sentence.

  1. Katie sat on the couch in the living room.

  2. Adam wanted a hamster for a pet.

  3. My aunt's favorite flower is the rose.

  4. My mom canned some peaches.

  5. Doing gymnastics is good exercise.

  6. Chad likes to drink root beer.

  7. The robin made a nest in our pine tree.

  8. The 3rd graders went to the library on their field trip.

  9. Ryan threw the ball to the other player.

  10. Jenna writes with a pen in school.

  11. Kristen put sandals on her feet.

  12. Summer is my favorite time of the year.

  13. Billy worked on his algebra after supper.

  14. We saw a clown at the circus.

  15. It looks like it might snow outside today.

  16. I eat the most food at supper.

  17. Stoves are found in the kitchen.

  18. The candle was extremely hot.

  19. The boat was 20 feet long.

  20. Mom put broccoli in the casserole.

  21. Grandma put cough syrup in the medicine cabinet.

  22. Twins come in pairs.

  23. The elm tree was damaged in the storm.

  24. You can go to college to learn to be a veterinarian.

  25. The necklace was made out of silver.

  26. The hunter saw a elk.

  27. We ate baloney sandwiches for lunch.

  28. I can fly a kite.

  29. We just bought a new van.

  30. My favorite class is history.

Using categories to solve problems  Listen to the problem.  Then use other words from the same category to answer the questions below.

  1. Breanne wanted to play outside, but couldn't find her jacket.  What else could she wear?

  2. Joan was cooking dinner and didn't have any peas to fix.  What other kind of green vegetable could she use.

  3. The chair in the living room is broken.  What else can John sit on?

  4. Larry went outside to play football, but the ball was flat.  What else could he do?

  5. If it rains, we can't play the game.  It wasn't raining, but something else was falling from the sky.  What could it have been?

  6. It was so hot that Tiffany wanted to turn the air conditioner on to cool down.  It was broke, so what else could she turn on to cool down?

  7. A relative came to visit Susan.  She couldn't remember the woman.  Who could it have been?

  8. For a science experiment, Adam was to bring an insect to school.  He couldn't find a beetle, so what else could he have brought?

  9. The Youth group donated an appliance to the shelter.  They couldn't afford a refrigerator, so what else could they have bought?

  10. For his anniversary, Gary wanted to send his wife flowers.  The florist didn't have any roses, so what else could he have sent?

  11. The carpenter needed tools to build the house.  He had a saw.  What else did he need?

  12. In gym, the students played softball.  Bill enjoyed batting.  What other part of the game did Mike like?

  13. I have to choose a form of transportation to take to get to Hawaii.  I do not like to fly, so what else could I take?

  14. Rick wanted to get his girlfriend a ring.  He didn't want to get her a diamond, so what other gem could he choose?

  15. Katie wanted to contact her pen pal.  She didn't have time to write a letter.  How else could she visit with her pen pal?