Direction answers

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What is important to remember?           (Answers may vary.)

  1. Fold the clothes.
  2. Make your bed.
  3. Ride the bus.
  4. Sharpen your pencil.
  5. Turn on the lights.
  6. Put the key back.
  7. Call Grandma.
  8. Rewind the tape.
  9. Put dirty clothes in hamper.
  10. Read and answer questions.
  11. Out juice away.
  12. Write a definition.
  13. Take trash out Sunday.
  14. Key out of ignition.
  15. Add milk to soup.
  16. Watch previews.
  17. Put lotion on.
  18. Take pizza out of oven.
  19. Lock the doors.
  20. Take package to van.

Paraphrasing directions      (Answers may vary.)       

  1. Line up by the door until the bell rings.
  2. Spread peanut butter and grape jelly on 4 slices of bread.
  3. Put a stamp in the upper right hand corner of each envelope.
  4. Hand each student their own paper.
  5. Carefully hit the head of the nail as you hold it on the wood.
  6. Look at each picture and label them as insect or bird.  Then color them.
  7. Use the soap and towels by the sink to wash your hands before you cook.
  8. Swing the bat when he pitches you a strike.  If you hit it, run to 1st.
  9. Pick up the litter in the back yard and put it in the garbage can in the garage.
  10. Get out your books, paper, and pencil to do your homework.
  11. Label each picture you put in the photo album.
  12. Crack the egg on the counter and don't let any eggshell fall into the batter.
  13. Go north to the stop sign and take a left.  The school will be 2 blocks down on your left.
  14. Give the plants a little water once a week.
  15. Dig up the potatoes and put them in a bag.  Put the shovel away.
  16. To use the phone, dial 9 and your number.
  17. In an emergency, call 911.  Slowly tell them your name, address, and emergency.
  18. Cook noodles in  boiling water.  Brown meat and add sauce.  Enjoy your meal.
  19. On a deposit slip, write down the amount you are depositing and give it to the teller.
  20. Take out your toothbrush and toothpaste.  Put some toothpaste and water on your toothbrush and brush.

What are you doing?     

  1. Setting the table.
  2. Making a sack lunch.
  3. Tying shoes.
  4. Doing a somersault.
  5. Going to the movies.
  6. Going fishing.
  7. Lighting a candle.
  8. Making a copy.
  9. Golfing.
  10. Making a sand castle.

Don't do this!     

  1. Don't move.
  2. Don't talk when the teacher is giving directions.
  3. Don't leave your dirty clothes on the floor.
  4. Don't do the odd numbered problems.
  5. Don't put too much butter on the popcorn.
  6. Don't buy the bananas if they are green.
  7. Don't leave the key in the van.
  8. Don't put sunscreen near your eyes.
  9. Don't jump off the teeter totter.
  10. Don't put too many items in the grocery bag.
  11. Don't forget to buckle and don't stand up.
  12. Don't leave the door open.
  13. Don't put any weight on your ankle.
  14. Don't put any red clothes in with the whites.
  15. Don't set glasses on wood coffee table.
  16. Don't put paint on the wall before testing it.
  17. Don't open the oven door too much.
  18. Don't wait until the last night to learn all new words for a test.
  19. Don't start out doing too much when exercising.
  20. Don't forget to follow all the road signs.

If you.....then do this!  There is no way to tell you the answers.  You will have to have someone else determine if you answered appropriately.