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What is important to remember?  Listen to each direction and then tell what is important for you to do.

  1. Fold the clothes in the laundry basket.

  2. Make your bed before you go to school.

  3. Ride the bus to school this morning.

  4. Sharpen your pencil after I give the directions.

  5. Don't forget to turn on the lights.

  6. Please put the key back where you found it.

  7. Remember to call Grandma.

  8. Don't forget to rewind the tape before taking it back.

  9. Put all your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper.

  10. Read your assignment and then answer the questions.

  11. Before going to bed, put the juice away.

  12. Write a definition for each word listed.

  13. Remember to take the trash out on Sunday evening.

  14. Take the key out of the ignition when you get out of the car.

  15. Make sure and add some milk to the soup.

  16. Watch the previews to see if there is a good movie you would like to see.

  17. Put lotion on your body after your bath.

  18. After the timer goes off, please remove the pizza from the oven.

  19. Lock the doors when you go to bed.

  20. Take the packages out to the van after I pay.

Paraphrasing Directions  Listen to each set of directions and then retell it in your own words.

  1. Line up near the door.  Stand in line until the bell rings.

  2. Take out 4 slices of bread.  Spread peanut butter and grape jelly on each slice.

  3. Put a stamp on each envelope.  They go in the upper right hand corner.

  4. Hand the papers out.  Please give each student their own paper.

  5. Hold the nail against the wood.  Carefully hit the head of the nail with the hammer.

  6. Look at each picture.  Label them as either insect or bird.  Color the pictures.

  7. Before you cook, please wash your hands.  There is soap and towels by the sink for you to use.

  8. When he pitches you the ball, swing the bat if it is a strike.  Run to 1st if you hit it.

  9. Pick up the litter in the back yard.  Put it in the garbage can in the garage.

  10. It is time to do your homework.  Please get out your books, paper, and pencil.

  11. Put your pictures in the photo album.  Label them with a saying.

  12. Crack the egg on the counter.  Don't let any eggshell get into the batter.

  13. Go north on this road until you see a stop sign.  Take a left for 2 blocks and the school will be on the left side of the road.

  14. Water the plants once a week.  Don't give them too much as they will die.

  15. Go and dig up the potatoes.  Put the potatoes in a bag.  Put the shovel away.

  16. To use the phone you have to first dial 9.  Then dial the number you want to call.

  17. If there is an emergency, call 911.  Talk slow. Give them your name, address, and what the emergency is.

  18. Cook the noodles in boiling water.  Brown the hamburger.  Add the spaghetti sauce to the meat.  Eat when done.

  19. Take out a deposit slip.  Write down how much money you are putting in your checking account.  Give the deposit slip to the bank teller.

  20. Take out your toothbrush.  Get your toothpaste.  Put some toothpaste on the toothbrush.  Put water on them.  Brush your teeth.

What are you doing?  Listen to each set of directions and tell what activity the directions are for.

  1. Count how many people will be eating supper.  Put the same number of plates, glasses, napkins, and silverware on the table.

  2. Make a sandwich and put it in a plastic bag.  Put a piece of fruit and carrot in another bag.  Add a treat and drink.  Put them all in a lunchbox.

  3. Make a loop with one lace and hold it between your thumb and forefinger.  Take the other lace and wrap it around the loop to form a circle.  Make a loop in the second lace and put the loop through the circle.  Pinch both loops and pull tight.

  4. Stand with your feet together.  Bend your knees and put your hands on the mat in front of you.  Next, lean forward and tuck your chin under.  Put your head on the mat and push off with your feet.  Use your hands to help flip you over.  Land on your feet.

  5. Get in line.  Get your money out.  Tell the person behind the counter which movie you want to see.  Pay and wait for your change.

  6. Take a worm.  Pinch it in half.  Carefully put it on the end of the hook. 

  7. Light a match.  Put it on the wick.  When the wick is lit, blow out the match.

  8. Open the cover of the machine.  Place the paper face down on the glass.  Close the cover of the machine.  Push start.

  9. Stand with your feet apart.  Bend forward slightly.  Swing your club back and hit the ball lightly.  Aim for the cup.

  10. Scoop up some wet sand.  Pat it into a mound.  Poke some holes in the sides for windows and doors.  Add a tower.  Dig a moat around it.

Don't do this!  Listen to each direction and tell what you shouldn't do.

  1. Don't move.  There is a wasp by your arm.  If you are still it might fly away.  What shouldn't you do?

  2. You need to sit quietly in class.  Don't talk when the teacher is giving directions.  What shouldn't you do?

  3. Go and change your clothes.  Remember not to leave your dirty clothes lying on the floor.  What shouldn't you do?

  4. Do page 7 for math homework?  Don't do the odd numbered problems.  What shouldn't you do?

  5. Please put some butter on the popcorn.  Don't put too much on.  What shouldn't you do?

  6. Go to the store and buy some bananas.  Don't buy any if they are too green.  What shouldn't you do?

  7. Here's the key to the van.  Be sure not to leave it in the van.  Bring it in the house when you're done with it.  What shouldn't you do?

  8. Put the sunscreen on at least 30 minutes before going outside.  Don't put the lotion near your eyes.  What shouldn't you do?

  9. Don't jump off the teeter totter when you are done.  Wait until both people have their feet on the ground before you get off.  What shouldn't you do?

  10. Put the cans on the bottom of the bag.  Put the bread and eggs in last.  Don't put too many things in one bag.  What shouldn't you do?

  11. The roller coaster is about ready to take off.  Don't forget to buckle your seatbelt and do not stand up.  What shouldn't you do?

  12. Please feed the dog every day.  Be sure his water bowl is filled.  Be careful not to leave the door open or he'll get out.  Call me if you have any problems.  What shouldn't you do?

  13. Keep your sprained foot elevated for 2 days.  If you put any weight on it, it will hurt and take longer to heal.  What shouldn't you do?

  14. Put the white clothes in the washing machine and add soap.  Add hot water.  Don't put any red clothes in or they will fade and turn the other whites a pink color.  What shouldn't you do?

  15. Please don't set glasses on the wood coffee table.  Use a coaster under them or they will leave a water ring on the coffee table.  What shouldn't you do?

  16. Shake the paint can well before you open it.  After that, use a stir stick and stir it for a few minutes.  Don't put paint on the wall until you test it on a piece of wood or cardboard.  What shouldn't you do?

  17. Bake the casserole for 1 hour.  Don't open the oven door too much or else it might not be done on time.  What shouldn't you do?

  18. Study at least 15 minutes a day the week before a test.  It's not a good idea to wait until the last night to learn all of the new words.  Try to learn 5 each night.  Use your last night to review.  What shouldn't you do?

  19. When exercising, start out gradual.  It is not a good idea to start out doing too much.  Your muscles will get sore and you will get discouraged quickly.  What shouldn't you do?

  20. When learning to drive a car, follow all of the signs.  If you don't, you may end up wrecking the car.  What shouldn't you do?

If you.....then do this!  Listen to the directions and follow them.

  1. If you are a boy/man, lift your left leg.

  2. If you are a girl/woman, pat your head.

  3. If you are tired, smile at me.

  4. If you can swim, say bulls eye.

  5. If you can wink your eyes, say babe.

  6. If you have brown eyes, point to them.

  7. If you have a pocket, put your hands in them.

  8. If you like coffee, say thank you.

  9. If you are wearing a watch, tell me the time.

  10. If you are wearing sandals, stomp on the floor.

  11. If you like spinach, shake your head yes.

  12. If you have eaten lunch today, hold up 5 fingers.

  13. If you can hear me, say fine.

  14. If you are wearing a dress, cross/uncross your legs.

  15. If you like to dance, swivel your hips.

  16. If you are younger than 30, tell me your age.

  17. If you have a friend, tell me their name.

  18. If you are wearing socks, tell me what color they are.

  19. If you have a birthday in May, tell me the date.

  20. If you have a sister/brother, tell me their name(s).