Question answers

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If you....would you...?      

  1. No, pop is not medicine.

  2. yes

  3. yes

  4. No, French is not a part of Science--biology, physical science, anatomy, etc.

  5. yes

  6. No, cocoa is not a cool drink.  It is a hot one.

  7. No, a carrot is a vegetable.

  8. yes

  9. yes

  10.  No, architecture is not needed for a Science degree.

  11. yes

  12. yes

  13. No, an atlas is a book of maps of the world.

  14. yes

  15. No, a beggar is someone who has no money.

  16. yes

  17. No, you would be watching gymnastics.

  18. yes

  19. yes

  20. No, you would go to a surgeon.

What would you ask?       (Answers may vary)

  1. When did you say that this assignment is due?

  2. Where was the last place you remember having it?

  3. What time does the party start and what is the date?

  4. How much was the amount I owed you?  I think you gave me back too much money.

  5. Do you need some help?

  6. Would you please stop stepping on my feet?

  7. What is the special for tonight?  How much did you say the (name of food) was?

  8. Do I need to have surgery?  How long will I have to wear a cast?

  9. He is busy right now, so can I take a message?

  10. Where are the (name of item you are looking for) located at?

  11. What time do you want to work on it?  Where do you want to do it at?

  12. How much memory does it have?  Are there speakers with it?  Does it have a tower?  Does it have a CD rom drive?

  13. Coach, what time did you say practice started? 

  14. What time would we go out?  Where would we be going? 

  15. Can't I please stay out a half hour longer? 

  16. Teacher, why did I get such a low grade?

  17. Teacher, can you help me?  I have been listening, but I still don't get it.

  18. Teacher, can you help me figure out what I am doing wrong because my experiment isn't working?

  19. Who is ahead?  Who are we playing?

  20. Would you like to go to the dance with me next Saturday?

You want to find out......       (Answers may vary)

  1. What kind of rating would you give that book your reading?  

  2. What did your guys do over the weekend?  Anything exciting?

  3. Where can I find a book that tells me how to care for my puppy?

  4. Mom, what would you really like me to buy you for your birthday?

  5. How do you play this game?

  6. Should I go to the store and buy some milk for breakfast?

  7. What is the itinerary for our vacation this year?

  8. What are we going to do this weekend?  Anyone have any ideas?

  9. Teacher, will you please give me some information on that project that we have to do?

  10. What do you think about this video?  Is it worth watching or not?

  11. Dad, will you please teach me how to change a flat tire?

  12. Grandma, would you please tell me about what life was like when you were a little girl growing up?

  13. Where can I find a book that tells about the history of Madison?

  14. Have you been to the new store in the mall?  Did you like it?  Was it expensive?

  15. Who's your new boy/girl friend?  How long have you been going out?

  16. Where can I find out about getting babysitting jobs, Mom?

  17. Did anyone hear what was for lunch at school today?

  18. What is our assignment for today?

  19. Are you guys going to the game tonight?

  20. Teacher, what did on do wrong on this assignment to get such a bad grade?