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If you....would you...?  Listen and answer the questions.  If your answer is no, explain why.

  1. If you need medicine, would you drink a soda pop?

  2. If you need a new refrigerator, would you go to an appliance store?

  3. If you visit an art museum, would you see a painting?

  4. If you study science in school, would you by studying French?

  5. If you need new window coverings, would you look at drapes and blinds?

  6. If you want to enjoy a cool drink, would you make cocoa?

  7. If you want to eat fruit, would you eat a carrot?

  8. If you need a new saw, would you go to a hardware store?

  9. If you want to do water sports, would you try swimming, water skiing, and sailing?

  10. If you want to be a Science teacher, would you study architecture?

  11. If you want to learn about birds, would you study cardinals and orioles?

  12. If you need to add spices to your barbeque, would you use pepper?

  13. If you want to find information on insects, would you look in an atlas?

  14. If you need to buy cleaning supplies, would you buy detergent and cleanser?

  15. If you want to become rich, would you be beggar?

  16. If you want to learn the organs of the body, would you study the heart?

  17. If you see someone doing round off flip flops, would you be watching tennis?

  18. If you want to play a musical instrument, would you choose a flute or clarinet?

  19. If you want to plant some trees, would you choose from maple and oak?

  20. If you need to have surgery, would you go to a veterinarian?

What would you ask?  Listen to each situation and answer the question.

  1. Your teacher is giving a homework assignment and you didn't hear when it is due.  What would you ask?

  2. Your brother/sister can't find their watch.   What would you ask?

  3. Your friend invites you to a party.   What would you ask?

  4. A cashier gives you back to much change.   What would you ask?

  5. Your father waves to you from the roof.   What would you ask?

  6. The girl behind you in line keeps stepping on you.   What would you ask?

  7. The waitress asks you for your order.   What would you ask?

  8. The doctor says your leg is broken.   What would you ask?

  9. Someone calls on the phone for your dad.   What would you ask?

  10. A salesclerk in a department store asks if she can help you.   What would you ask?

  11. A friend asks you to help him/her with his/her homework.   What would you ask?

  12. You are buying a new computer and the salesperson asks if you have any questions.   What would you ask?

  13. Your coach tells the team about the next practice, but you weren't listening.   What would you ask?

  14. You get asked out on a date.   What would you ask?

  15. Your parents tell you what time you need to be home by.   What would you ask?

  16. The teacher hands back your report and it has a bad grade on it.   What would you ask?

  17. You don't understand the lesson the teacher has just explained.   What would you ask?

  18. You are doing a Science experiment and it is not turning out.   What would you ask?

  19. You walk into a game that has already started.   What would you ask?

  20. You are interested in taking a person to the upcoming dance.   What would you ask?

You want to find out.....  Think of a question for each situation.

  1. You want to find out if the book your friend is reading is good.

  2. You want to find out what your friends did over the weekend.

  3. You want to find out how to take care of your new puppy.

  4. You want to find out what your mom wants for her birthday.

  5. You want to find out how to play a certain board game.

  6. You want to find out if you should buy milk for breakfast.

  7. You want to find out about the plans for your vacation.

  8. You want to find out what your family is planning on doing this weekend.

  9. You want to find out about a project you have to do at school.

  10. You want to find out if a certain video is any good or not.

  11. You want to find out how to change a flat tire.

  12. You want to find out about what life was like when your grandma was little.

  13. You want to find out about the history of your city.

  14. You want to find out about the new store in the mall.

  15. You want to find out who your friend's boy/girl friend is.

  16. You want to find out how to get babysitting jobs.

  17. You want to find out what is for lunch at school.

  18. You want to find out what your homework assignment is.

  19. You want to find out if any of your friends are going to the game.

  20. You want to find out why you didn't get a good grade on an assignment.