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Which one comes first?  Answer each question about the order.

Which words comes first in alphabetical order?

  1. monkey or bear

  2. angel or car

  3. zebra or hat

  4. lion or world

  5. map or nap

  6. veterinarian or zookeeper

  7. basketball or baseball

  8. belt, hook, or song

  9. moon, nickel, or queen

  10. card, lemon, sugar, applesauce

Which author's name would come first in alphabetical order?

  1. Clarke or Brown

  2. Rose or Little

  3. Wood or Moore

  4. Abel or Gore

  5. Henderson or Harris

  6. Taylor or Lowry

  7. George or Burnford

  8. Taylor, Li or Rocca

  9. Seuss, Carle, or Potter

  10. Feinstein, Tan, Rocca, Wagner

Which file would come first in numerical order?

  1. file # 5 or file # 2

  2. file # 6 or file # 8

  3. file # 17 or file # 16

  4. file # 33 or file # 53

  5. file # 77 or file # 121

  6. file # 105 or file # 87

  7. file # 26 or file # 63

  8. file # 7, file # 1, or file # 88

  9. file # 202, file # 252, or file # 201

  10. file # 1,032, file # 1,050, or file # 1,230

Order by size           

Put these in order from largest to smallest.

  1. elephant, bee, lizard

  2. book, desk, globe

  3. peanut, watermelon, banana

  4. shark, walleye, whale

  5. twin bed, double bed, queen bed

Put these in order from smallest to largest.

  1. airplane, semi truck, car

  2. ton, ounce, pound

  3. pint, quart, gallon

  4. movie screen, TV screen, clock face

  5. cookie, pizza, steak

Put these in order from longest to shortest.

  1. foot, leg, arm

  2. toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror

  3. rake, shovel, hose

  4. ruler, yardstick, pencil

  5. mile, inch, foot

Put these in order from tallest to shortest.

  1. adult, baby, teen

  2. croquet mallet, crutches, fishing pole

  3. bear, monkey, squirrel

  4. skyscraper, 13 story building, school

  5. you, your sibling, your dad/mom

Put these in order from lightest to heaviest.

  1. wasp, rat, beaver

  2. football pads, football helmet, football

  3. sack of groceries, quarter, box of tissues

  4. rowboat, ocean liner, speedboat

  5. buffalo, dog, elephant

Which happens first?    Tell which one you would do first.

  1. Which do you do first when mowing the yard:  start the mower or pick up litter?

  2. Which do you do first when using a vending machine: get change back or put money in?

  3. Which do you do first when putting gas in a vehicle: turn vehicle off or start pumping?

  4. Which comes first in a book: table of contents or glossary?

  5. Which is shown first at a movie: feature film or previews?

  6. Which should you do first when exercising: cool down, exercise, warm up?

  7. Which happens first  when you have an operation: check into the hospital, surgery, recovery?

  8. Which happens first in a softball game: run to first, ball is pitched, hit the ball?

  9. Which does a bird do first: build a nest, feed the babies, lay eggs?

  10. Which do you do first when buying shoes: pay for them, put a sock on, try them on?

What happened?  Listen to each paragraph and answer the questions.

  1. Mark painted his face. Then he put on clothes and shoes that were too big for him. Finally he put on a purple wig.    a.)  What did Mark do first?  b.) What did he put on last?

  2. The sky turned dark.  The wind began to blow hard.  Then it started to rain.  It rained for 3 hours.  When the storm was over a rainbow appeared in the sky.  a.)  Did the sky get dark before or after the rain started?  b.) What appeared when the storm was over?

  3. At night the owl went hunting for food.  He found a mouse and a rabbit.  When the sun came up, he flew back to the tree to sleep.  a.)  What did the owl find to eat?  b.)  When did the owl go hunting?

  4. When Sally went to go jump on the trampoline, her dog ran outside.  She chased him around the yard, caught him, and put him back into the house.          a.)  What did Sally have to catch?  b.)  Did she jump before or after she put the dog in the house?

  5. Katie got up in the morning and took a shower.  Then she got dressed and made her bed.  Now she was ready to go and eat breakfast.  a.) What was the first thing Katie did in the morning, make her bed or shower?  b.) Did she make her bed before or after she got dressed?

  6. Bill was hungry.  He went to the cupboard and got some bread and peanut butter.  Then he got the jelly out of the refrigerator.  With all the ingredients, he made himself 3 sandwiches.  Finally, he poured himself a glass of milk.           a.) What did Bill get out of the refrigerator?  b.) How many sandwiches did he make?  What did he do last?

  7. The lights went out and the audience grew quiet.  Then the curtain went up.  The elementary students began to sing the songs of their musical.  The speakers talked loud enough for everyone to hear.  After it was over the audience clapped loudly.  The music teacher was given some flowers.  a.)  When did the curtain go up, before or after the lights went out?  b.)   What happened when the musical was over, the audience grew quiet or they clapped?   c.)  What happened last at the musical?

  8. When Chad goes to the doctor, he usually has to wait for awhile so he reads a magazine.  When his name is called, the nurse weighs him and takes him to the examining room.  After she takes his temperature, the doctor comes in.  He listens to Chad's heart and lungs.  When he is done, he asks Chad some questions and writes out a prescription.  a.) What is the first thing Chad does in the waiting room?  b.)  Does the nurse check his height?  c.) Do you think Chad was sick?  Why?

  9. It was a special day for Ryan.  His friends came over to his house.  They all brought presents.  After some games, Ryan made a wish and blew out the candles.  When the children were done eating cake and ice cream, Ryan opened up his presents.  He thanked everyone for their gifts and for coming to his party.  a.)  Did Ryan open his gifts before or after eating?  b.) Did he open gifts before or after playing games?  c.)  What happened last?

  10. Sandy wanted to make some muffins.  She got out a mixing bowl, muffin package, milk, and eggs.  After mixing all the ingredients together, she spooned the batter into the muffin pan.  The muffins baked for 14 minutes.  Everyone thought the muffins were delicious.  a.)  What did Sandy do first?  b.)  How long did the muffins bake for?  c.)  What did she put the batter in to bake the muffins?  d.)  How did the muffins taste?