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Who...When...Where...   Listen to each story and answer the "wh" questions.

  1. Adam to the Rescue

       Over the summer, Adam took a job with the US Fish and Wildlife Service at Lake Madison.  One of his jobs was to help count the duck population.  They would shoot a net out over a flock of them and capture the ducks so they couldn't fly away.  One duck got tangled in the net and couldn't get his head above water.  He would have drowned, but Adam quickly waded out and untangled him.  He saved that duck's life.

a.)  Who was the story about?     b.)  When did the story take place?   c.)  Where did the story take place?

    2.  Grandma's Cookies

       Everyday after school, Katie loved to go to her Grandma's house.  As soon as she walked into her house, Katie could smell the delicious aroma of Grandma's chocolate chip cookies.  Katie would run and give her Grandma a hug and kiss and in return Grandma would sit her down to the table, give her a freshly baked cookie and glass of milk, and ask her, "How was school today?"

a.)  Who was the story about?     b.)  When did the story take place?     c.) Where did the story take place?

    3.  Bird Phobia

    Sandy loved to go to her Aunt Mabel's farm.  There was always something new and exciting to discover.  One autumn day, Aunt Mabel asked Sandy if she wanted to help collect the chicken eggs.  This was something that Sandy had never tried before.  Her Aunt Mabel went into the chicken coop in front of her and the chickens started to fly out of the coop.  One chicken flew out and landed right on top of Sandy's head.  Sandy screamed and ran away.  Ever since, she has been afraid of birds.

a.)  Who was the story about?     b.)  When did the story take place?     c.) Where did the story take place?

    4.  Mother Bear

   Bob was an avid hunter.  Every year he traveled to the Yukon to hunt wild, trophy animals.  In 1993, he was hunting for a mountain sheep to add to his Grand Slam collection.  For 2 days that had been scouting for a trophy one.  Each day they kept seeing a mother bear and 2 little cubs.  Finally the day came when Bob found and shot his trophy sheep.  Bob and his guide had just finished dressing out the sheep and packing everything onto their back packs when they heard this crashing sound.  When they looked up, they saw the mother bear.  She had smelled the blood and meat and was hungry.  Bob took off running, but slipped and fell.  The guide grabbed Bob's gun off his backpack and had time to take just one shot.  The mother bear fell dead, 2 ft. from where Bob laid.  That adventure caused nightmares for a few weeks.

a.)  Who was the story about?     b.)  When did the story take place?     c.) Where did the story take place?

    5.  The Big Fire

    Tam was a 3 year old who was very curious about matches.  One summer day, the rest of the family was outside doing various activities, when Tam saw some of her dad's matches laying on the counter.  Not to be caught, Tam took the matches to the upstairs bathroom.  She lit one match and let it burn down, amazed by the different colors she could see in the flame.  When she lit the next match, she held it up to the window to get a better view.  The next thing she knew, the breeze blew the curtains too close to the match and they were now on fire.  Not knowing what to do, Tam ran outside and told her mom.  Luckily for everyone, Tam's mom was able to pull the curtains off the window into the tub and pour water on them.  Tam never played with matches again.

a.)  Who was the story about?     b.)  When did the story take place?     c.) Where did the story take place?

Descriptive Detail  Listen to each story for details and answer the questions.

  1. Kristen's Fur ball

     Kristen got a new gerbil for her birthday.  He is tan and black with a long tail and short feet with sharp claws.  His fur is very soft.  She named him Hosea.  Kristen thinks he is the best present she ever got.

a.)  How does the gerbil's fur feel?     b.)  What color is his fur?     c.)  When did Kristen get him?     d.)  What did Kristen name him?

    2.  Book It Pizza

     The big day had finally arrived.  Bill had read enough books this month to earn his first "Book It" pizza.  Once his family was seated, Bill ordered his personal pan Canadian bacon with mushrooms while the rest of his family ordered a large, thick crust, half pepperoni and half supreme pizza.  When the pizza arrived, everyone began eating immediately.  The pizza was done to perfection.  Everyone was full when they left.

a.)  What kind of pizza did Bill order?     b.)  How did Bill earn his pizza?     c.)  What size of pizza did his family order?     d.) What kind of pizza did the family order?

    3.  Chad Saves the Day

     It was the bottom of the ninth inning and the score was tied, Twins 5 and Pirates 5.  The Twins had to win this game to make it into the playoffs.  There was a runner on 2nd.  Chad knew he was the next batter and his heart began to beat fast.  He was very nervous because he was in a batting slump.  As he walked to the plate, his hands began to sweat.  He stepped into the batters box, took a deep breath, and waited for the pitch.  The first one was outside so he let it go.  As the pitcher wound up for the next pitch, Chad was ready.  The pitcher threw the ball and Chad swung the bat.  There was a loud crack and Chad saw the ball sail out into right field.  He took off running and so did the runner on 2nd.  It was a hit!!!  The runner scored and the Twins won the game.  Chad was the hero of the game.

a.)  What was the score?     b.)  What inning was it?     c.)  What did Chad do when he got into the batter's box?     d.)  What was the first pitch?     e.)  Where did the ball go?     f.)  What was the hitter's name?

    4.  Kool-Aid for Sale

     It was a hot, sticky day in July.  The neighborhood kids decided to have a kool-aid stand.  They made 2 signs that told what they were selling and the price.  Next they had to choose what kind, grape, strawberry, or raspberry.  In a pitcher, they mixed water, sugar, and strawberry kool-aid.  They got some glasses, napkins, a table, some chairs, and some change.  Then they went out on the front yard and set up their stand.  Each time a car came buy, they would yell, "Kool-aid for sale.  Come and get your cool, refreshing kool-aid!"  The stand was very successful.  The kids had made $23. 25.  They decided to use the money to buy some pizza for everyone.  

a.)  What month did they have the kool-aid stand?     b.)  What flavor of kool-aid did they choose?     c.) What did they mix in the pitcher?     d.) Where did they set up their stand?     e.)  What did they yell to passing cars?     f.)  How much money did they make?     g.)  What did they use the money for?

    5.  The Fire!

     One night in September, Marsha was home alone.  Her family had all gone bowling, but she had decided to stay home and study for a test.  After awhile, she was hungry so she decided to put a pizza in the oven.  She turned the oven on preheat and went back to her room to study.  About 15 minutes later, she could smell smoke.  She went running upstairs and saw smoke rolling out of the oven.  Right then and there, she realized she had forgotten to take the Tupperware bowls, that her mom stored in the oven, out before she preheated the oven.  She opened the oven door and saw flames.  Quickly she called 911 and the fire department responded.  They were able to put out the fire, but not before there was smoke and fire damage to the kitchen.  When her family came home and saw the fire trucks there, they ran out of the car.   Marsha was afraid her parents would be upset, but they were so thankful that she had not been hurt.

a.)  Where had Marsha's family gone?     b.)  Why did Marsha stay home?              c.)  How many minutes was it before she smelled smoke?     d.)  What had she left in the oven?     e.)  Who did she call?     f.)  Were her parents mad?     g.)  What was damaged?

Retell It  Listen to the story and then retell it in your own words.

  1. The Haircut Dilemma

     Last Thursday, my mother took me to have my haircut.  I wanted to let my hair grow longer, but Mom said that I couldn't have it hanging in my eyes.  I sat down in the chair and Lisa asked me what I wanted done.  Boy, was I relieved when Mom told her just to give me a trim.  I thought Mom was going to make me get it cut short.  Maybe Mom and haircuts aren't so bad after all.

    2.  The Fishing Trip

     Sam, Maria, and Tom went to Lake Herman to fish.  They took their poles, bait, and tackle boxes.  They went to the inlet in hopes of catching some big walleye for supper.  They each chose a spot, got their poles ready, and cast their lines into the water.  After about 3 hours, no one had caught even a single fish.  They decided to reel their lines in and go home.  As Maria was reeling her line in, she felt a tug.  She yelled to the boys and kept reeling.  When she got  the fish to the shore, the boys caught it in the net.  WOW!  It was a 5 lb. walleye.  Now they would have enough fish to fry for supper.  They decided it was worth all the wait.

    3.  Sara to the Rescue

     Yesterday was Sara's first day as a lifeguard.  The afternoon was filled with small kids wading in the wading pool, children playing "Marco Polo", and older kids going off the boards.  All of a sudden, Sara saw a little child at the bottom of the pool, just laying there.  Without any hesitation, she dove into the pool and swam to the bottom where she picked up the child.  The child surely didn't weigh very much and was easy to take to the surface of the water.  She had a surprise when she saw that her first rescue was a doll that some kid had thrown into the pool.  The others guards kidded her about it the rest of the day.  But, Sara knew that she would do it all over again because what if it would have been a real child.  A lifeguard can never 2nd guess if she thinks someone is drowning. 

    4.  The Sack Race

     It was Prairie Village Days and the schoolhouse staff decided to have games for the kids to play when they visited there.  The most exciting game was the sack race.  Everyone who entered the game was given a burlap sack that they had to get into with both feet and pull up to their waists.  At the sound of the bell, the contestants had to hop as quickly as they could to the finish line.  It isn't as easy as it sounds.  Many people would fall over and have trouble getting up.  Each winner was given some candy.  Everyone was really a winner because they all had such a great time and laughed a lot.

     5.  The Mix-up

     It was the first day of school.  All the kids were nervous, yet excited about being back at school.  They all found the correct classroom to go to and had a fun, but busy day at school.  All too quickly it was time to go home.  All the children lined up to get on the buses, to wait for their parents to pick them up, or walked home, according to what their parents had told them to do.  The teacher, Mrs. Jones, on duty made sure everyone was gone before she went back into the school.  Just when she thought she was done, she heard a child crying from behind a tree.  When Mrs. Jones walked over there, she discovered Allen.  He told her that he got mixed up on what he was suppose to do about getting home.  Mrs. Jones told him it was okay.  They walked into the school together and called his mom.  She told him she would come right over and pick him up.  When she arrived, Mrs. Jones talked to them about making a plan on what he was to do.  The next day and everyday after that, Allen never had another mix-up!!  

Inferences  Listen to each story and answer the questions.

  1. A Birthday in the Dark

     It was time for Jane's birthday party.  Suddenly the sky became dark, lightning flashed, and it began to pour outside.  With the next streak of lightning, the lights went out.  Jane's dad lit candles and found a flashlight.  Without any electricity, Jane's mom couldn't make any pizza.  She called 4 pizza places before she found one that had power.  They ordered pizza and had it delivered.  The kids ate pizza by candle light.  Next, Jane opened her presents.  Since it was too dark to play games, they decided to tell scary stories.  When it was time to go, everyone thought it had been the best party they had ever been to.

a.)  Why did the lights go out?     b.)  Why couldn't Jane's mom cook pizza?            c.)  Why did Jane's mom have to call several pizza places?     d.)  Why did the kids think it was the best part they had been to?

    2.  At the Buzzer

     The game was very competitive with the teams trading baskets up and down the court.  The Bulldogs were ahead 78-72 when the Tigers scored a two-point shot.  The Bulldogs went down the court, shooting the ball at least 3 times with no basket being scored.  The Tigers rebounded the ball and went down for a last second shot.  The buzzer went off and the Tiger player threw up the ball and it went in.  The Bulldog fans cheered.  Both teams shook hands and filed off the court.

a.)  How do you know the Bulldogs won?     b.)  How do you know the Tigers were the last team to score?     c.)  How do you know the game was over?     d.)  How do you know the last basket didn't count?     e.)  Why didn't the last basket count?

    3.  Fall Fun

     It was a Sunday afternoon.  We had promised our dad to help him rake up the leaves in the yard.  He wanted to get all the leaves off the yard before it snowed and this was the last week to put leaves in the city's compost pile.  We all put on our coats, caps, and gloves.  Then we grabbed the rakes and spent the afternoon raking leaves.  We made piles and jumped into them.  It was a lot of work, but we sure had fun doing it.  Dad was so grateful, he bought some pizza and rented a movie.

a.)  How do you know it was fall?     b.) How do you know it was cold outside?     c.)  How do you know it took several hours to rake?     d.)  How do you know Dad was pleased with their work?     e.)  What did they do to make the job fun?

    4.  Allergy Foul Up

     Don had always wanted a puppy.  On his 10th birthday, woke up and found a box at the bottom of his bed.  He opened it up and found the cutest puppy looking up at him with big brown eyes.  Don squealed with delight and ran to show his parents.  All of a sudden, Don started to sneeze and his eyes got all watery and were red and itchy.  He was so miserable, he couldn't even eat breakfast.  It continued the rest of the day, getting worse whenever he held his puppy.  That night when his Mom tucked him in bed, she looked upset.  "Don," she said, "We need to talk about your puppy."

a.)  Why was the puppy in a box?     b.)  Why did Don keep sneezing?     c.)  How do you know that Don had allergies?     d.)  What do you think Don's mom was going to say about his puppy?

    5.  A Picnic Disaster?

     On a bright summer weekend, we decided to go on a picnic.  Mom packed 2 chickens,  1 gallon of potato salad, 2 bags of chips, carrot sticks, and drinks along with paper plates, cups, and plastic silverware into the picnic basket.  We drove to the state park, found a picnic table, and started to set the food out.  Suddenly we grabbed everything and ran to the car.  Luckily we only got a little wet.  We drove back home and had our picnic on the living room floor.  It was a good picnic because we didn't have to fight off any bugs.

a.)  How can you tell the picnic was large?     b.)  How do you know it was warm outside to start with?     c.)  Why did they have picnic in the living room?    

Main Ideas  Listen to each story and tell which statement best describes the story.

  1. My Crabby Friend

     My best friend gave me a hermit crab named Bernie.  He's a friendly crab who always comes out of his shell whenever I pick him up.  Bernie likes to wander around my room while I play.  After a while, I put him back in his cage and he takes a nap.  Everyone should have a great pet like Bernie.

a.)  The main idea of the story is:  1.) I have a best friend.  2.) I have a hermit crab named Bernie.  3.) I like to play games.

b.) Things to remember from this story are:  1.) Hermit crabs can live indoors.          2.) Bernie is friendly.  3.) Everyone has a hermit crab for a pet.

c.) After listening to this story, I know that:  1.) Hermit crabs make good pets.         2.) Hermit crags are too smelly to keep in the house.  3.)  All hermit crabs live at the beach.

    2.  The Fishing Trip

     Lonnie and Justin decided to go fishing at the lake.  Lonnie brought some bread for bait and Justin brought some snacks.  They settled themselves in a shady spot, put bread on their hooks, and dropped their lines in the shallow water.  They fished all afternoon.  Neither one caught a things, but they had a great time spending the afternoon together.  Little did they know, there weren't any fish to be caught.

a).  The main idea of the story is:  1.) Bamboo poles don't work well.  2.)  Fish don't like bread as bait.  3.)  You can have fun fishing even if the fish don't bite.

b.)  Something to remember about this story is:  1.)  Justin didn't bring very good snacks.  2.)  Make sure there are fish where you are fishing.  3.)  Worms for bait would have worked better.  

c.)  After listening to this story, I know that:  1.) Sometimes it's fun just being with a friend.  2.)  There probably weren't any fish in the lake.  3.)  The bread was stale and the fish didn't like it.

    3.  Run for the Ribbon

     The big day was here.  The first grade class was going to run the half-mile race.  They had been running at least a half-mile every other day to get ready for today's event.  The children chattered nervously until the buzzer sounded and they were off.  It was a close race, but Brenda Hill came in first with Melissa Spring second.  Everyone was given a blue ribbon for finishing the race.  The coach said that it doesn't matter how fast you do something.  The important thing is that you do it.  Everyone was a winner today.

a.)  The main idea of the story was:  1.)  The first grade class ran a half-mile race.    2.)  Boys are faster than girls.  3.)  Races are for little kids.

b.)  Things to remember from this story are:  1.)  Everyone is a winner if you try to finish.  2.)  You can do something if you practice long enough.  3.)  Races only happen at school. 

c.)  After listening to this story, I know that:  1.)  I will never run faster than Brenda.     2.)  I should try to finish what I start.  3.)  I should never run in a race.  

    4.   Junk Pile Daredevils

     Ted and John were playing on top of the junk pile next to the old shack being torn down.  The man in charge told them several times not to play there because there was broken glass, jagged pieces of wood, and rusty nails that could hurt them.  The workers had gone for the day and the boys decided to pretend they had taken control of the "mountain."  After a few minutes, they decided to ride bikes instead.  As Ted followed John down the pile of debris, he lost his footing and fell, cutting his leg on a rusty nail.  John helped him home.  His mother had to take Ted to the emergency room.  If they had listened to the man in charge, Ted could have spent the afternoon riding bikes, instead of in the hospital.

a.)  The main idea of the story is:  1.)  The man in charge was mean.  2.)  Boys will be boys.  3.)  You shouldn't play on dangerous piles of junk.

b.)  Things to remember from this story are:  1.)  Rules are made for a reason.          2.)  Wood piles make terrible mountains.  3.)  You can be hurt even if you are careful.

c.)  After listening to the story, I know that:  1.)  Shacks should never be torn down.     2.)  You only go to the hospital when you break your leg.  3.)  The man in charge was trying to keep the boys safe.

    5.   Lost and Wandering

     Mary went to the mall with her older brother to find a birthday present for their mom.  While Mary's brother was looking at jewelry, Mary decided to look at some nightgowns.  She wandered through the entire department store, which ended next to the purses and shoes.  Thinking that maybe her mom would enjoy a new bag or wallet for her birthday, Mary began to look at rows of purses.  The next thing Molly knew, she was at the store entrance.  They hadn't come in this way and Mary couldn't remember where the jewelry department was.  She hurried back through the store, looking left and right at every aisle.  When she finally found the jewelry department, her brother was nowhere to be found.  Then she felt a slight tapping on her shoulder.  She turned and found herself looking into the worried face of her brother.  "Don't ever wander off like that again, Mary," her brother cried.  That was the easiest promise Mary every made.

a.)  The main idea of the story is:  1.)  Department stores are big.  2.)  There is more than one entrance.  3.)  You shouldn't wander off by yourself in a store.

b.)  Things to remember from this story are:  1.)  Tell someone where you are going when shopping.  2.)  Everyone gets lost in a store.  3.)  You can easily become lost in an unfamiliar place.

c.)  After listening to this story, I know that:  1.)  You should never go to a department store.  2.)  Mary learned a valuable lesson.  3.)  They don't' sell jewelry in a department store.