Stories answers

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  1. Adam to the Rescue

a.)  Adam       b.) last summer   c.) Lake Madison

   2.  Grandma's Cookies

a.) Katie and Grandma     b.) everyday after school     c.) Grandma's house

   3.  Bird Phobia

a.) Sandy and Aunt Mabel     b.) one autumn day     c.) Aunt Mabel's farm

   4.  Mother Bear

a.) Bob     b.) 1993     c.) Yukon

   5. The Big Fire

a.) Tam     b.) one summer day     c.) in the bathroom

Descriptive Detail

  1. Kristen's Fur Ball

a.) soft     b.) tan and black     c.) for her birthday     d.) Hosea

    2.  Book It Pizza

a.)  personal pan Canadian bacon with mushrooms     b.) read the necessary amount of books     c.) large     d.) thick crust, half pepperoni, half supreme

    3.  Chad Saves the Day

a.)  5 to 5     b.)  bottom of the 9th     c.)  took a deep breath and waited for the pitch    d.)  ball   e.)  right field    f.)  Chad

    4.  Kool-aid for Sale

a.)  July     b.)  strawberry   c.) water, sugar, and strawberry kool-aid  d.) in the front yard     e.)  "Kool-aid for sale.  Come and get your cool, refreshing kool-aid!"         f.)  $23.25    g.)  bought pizza for everyone

    5.  The Fire!

a.)  bowling     b.) to study for a test       c.)  15 minutes    d.)  Tupperware bowls    e.)  911, fire department     f.)  no, thankful she wasn't hurt     g.)  smoke and fire damage to the kitchen

Retell It   You will have to have the person who read it to you, judge on whether or not you retold the story correctly.


  1. Birthday in the Dark

a.)  thunderstorm caused the power to go out     b.)  no electricity to run the oven        c.)  the electricity was out at 2 of the pizza places and they couldn't cook     d.)  different from any other that they had been to.

    2.  At the Buzzer

a.)  Their fans cheered.     b.)  The Bulldogs took 3 shots, but never scored a basket.    c.)  The players shook hands.     d.)  No score was put on the scoreboard.     e.)   The ball left the player's  hand after the buzzer had gone off.

    3.  Fall Fun

a.)  Leaves needed to be raked.     b.) They put on coats, caps, and gloves.            c.)  They spent the afternoon raking.     d.) Dad bought them pizza and rented a movie.     e.)  They made piles of leaves and jumped into them.

    4.  Allergy Foul Up

a.)  It was Don's 10th birthday.     b.)  He was allergic to the puppy.     c.)  He was sneezing and his eyes were red, itchy, and watery.    d.)  She was going to say that they were going to have to take the puppy back or that Don would have to be tested for allergies and might have to take shots.

    5.  A Picnic Disaster?

a.)  By the amount of food that Mom packed.     b.)  It was a bright, summer day.   c.)  It started to rain.

Main Ideas

  1. My Crabby Friend

a.)  The main idea of the story is: # 2.) I have a hermit crab named Bernie.  

b.) Things to remember from this story are:  #1.) Hermit crabs can live indoors. and   #2.) Bernie is friendly. 

c.) After listening to this story, I know that:  #1.) Hermit crabs make good pets.         

    2. The Fishing Trip

a).  The main idea of the story is: #3.)  You can have fun fishing even if the fish don't bite.

b.)  Something to remember about this story is:  #2.)  Make sure there are fish where you are fishing.  

c.)  After listening to this story, I know that:  1.) Sometimes it's fun just being with a friend.  

    3.  Run for the Ribbon

a.)  The main idea of the story was:  #1.)  The first grade class ran a half-mile race.    

b.)  Things to remember from this story are:  #1.)  Everyone is a winner if you try to finish. and  #2.)  You can do something if you practice long enough.  

c.)  After listening to this story, I know that:  # 2.)  I should try to finish what I start.  

    4.  Junk Pile Daredevils

a.)  The main idea of the story is:  # 3.)  You shouldn't play on dangerous piles of junk.

b.)  Things to remember from this story are:  #1.)  Rules are made for a reason.   and  #3.)  You can be hurt even if you are careful.

c.)  After listening to the story, I know that: #3.)  The man in charge was trying to keep the boys safe.

    5.  Lost and Wandering

a.)  The main idea of the story is: # 3.)  You shouldn't wander off by yourself in a store.

b.)  Things to remember from this story are:  #1.)  Tell someone where you are going when shopping. and  #3.)  You can easily become lost in an unfamiliar place.

c.)  After listening to this story, I know that:  #2.)  Mary learned a valuable lesson.