Homophone answers 

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  1. My hair is red.       I read a magazine.

  2. The meat is frozen.       I will meet you at school.

  3. I hear you are getting an A in math.        I will put the money here.

  4. The robber will flee from the bank.       I saw a flea on my dog.

  5. A penny is one cent.   The dogs have scent of the pheasant.    I sent you a card.

  6. Please do your math.  The assignment is due today.  There is dew on the lawn.

  7. No, you can't go to the races.       Tom will know the answer.

  8. Mom looks pale.       I put the eggs in the pail.

  9. Marla will sew my dress.   I can't go so I will watch a movie. The farmers will sow the seeds in the spring.

  10. Adam ate at the cake.       Beth is eight years old.

  11. Kristen bought some new clothes.       Please close the door.

  12. Go forth into war.       Kyle is in fourth grade.

  13. Don't peek at your gifts.       We climbed to the mountain peak.

  14. Tomorrow will seem like spring.       I sewed a seam in my coat.

  15. The ceiling was painted.       I am sealing the lids on the jars of tomatoes.

  16. Larry will need to clean his room.       Aunt Kay will knead the bread dough.

  17. Do you want the role of the dancer or singer       Roll the dice.  I ate a roll.

  18. The eagle will soar in the sky.       I have a sore finger.

  19. Buy some bread at the bakery.       We bred the dog.

  20. Which way do I go?       How much do you weigh?

  21. The bull gored the bull rider.      I planted a gourd in my garden.

  22. Don't meddle in others' affairs.       Kim won a medal in track.

  23. The bell rang.       She was the belle of the ball.

  24. The mussel was at the bottom of the ocean.      Ryan has a sore muscle.

  25. Trevor was tense during the tennis meet.       The campers set up their tents.

  26. Shoo the fly away.       I lost my shoe.

  27. The wind blew for 3 days.        I have a blue sweater on.

  28. I will dye my hair blonde.       You can die from a drug overdose.

  29. Paul will haul the camper to the campsite.        Please walk in the hall.

  30. The bathing suit was on sale.       We will sail in the boat.

  31. Can you get a new gun?       The gnu ran away from the lion.  I knew the answer.

  32. The baby bawled when her mom left.       That man is bald.

  33. Pull the cord and unplug the mixer.       I played a chord on the piano.

  34. Michael missed 1on his test.     The mist made the grass wet.

  35. Don't let your peers pressure you.       The boat was tied to the pier.

  36. A blind person has no sight.       This is the site of the park.

  37. There was a lot of weight on the barbell.     Please wait to be seated.

  38. She fell on the sidewalk.       It isn't polite to stare.

  39. The flag pole needs painting.     Take a poll on how many hours TV is watched.

  40. The loan was for my house.       There was one lone tree in the yard.

  41. The squirrel's tail is bushy.       Tam will tell you a fairy tale.

  42. My nose is red.       Mark knows how to play the piano.

  43. I gave my mom a flower.       I use 2 cups of flour to make banana bread.

  44. That formal is not cheap.       The baby chick will cheep.

  45. Don't break my window.       I stepped on the brake when I saw the deer.

  46. The colonel gave the order to shoot.  I ate a kernel of popcorn.

  47. Put you jacket on the hanger.       The airplane is in the hangar.

  48. The door will creak when you open it.       Let's fish in the creek.

  49. Put the picture up with some tacks.       I have to pay a tax on my property.

  50. The road is wet.       I rode my horse on the trail.  I rowed the boat on the lake.

  51. I ate a juicy pear.       Katie has a pair of sandals.  Please pare the potatoes.

  52. The heel of my shoe is tall.       The wound will heal slowly.

  53. Tina would like a fur coat.       Plant the fir tree at the cemetery.

  54. Let's buy a new house.       Gary sat by Stella on the bus.

  55. I led the horse to the corral.       My pencil lead is sharp.

  56. Mom fixed me a beet.       Katie can beat her teammates in gymnastics.

  57. The bus fare was $67.       I went to the fair.     That's not fair.

  58. Put the mail in the mailbox.       A boy is a male.

  59. I like to run in the rain.       Pull on the rein to slow the horse down.  The king will reign over his country.

  60. The ant came out of his hole.       Mabel is my aunt.

  61. The swing is tied to the bough of the tree.   The actors will bow at the end.

  62. It gets dark at night.       The knight wore armor.

  63. The principle idea of the story is to treat others fairly.      The principal hired me.

  64. The queen sat on his throne.       I have thrown the ball home.

  65. Did you make a profit on your sale?       The prophet told what would happen.

  66. I read every night before I go to bed.       Katie needs a saxophone reed.

  67. Don't lie to your parents.       I will lye on the bed.

  68. During my idle time, I sew.       Michael Jordan is an idol to many kids.

  69. John will tow the boat behind the van.       I broke my big toe.

  70. The sum of 9+12=21.       Do you want some popcorn?

  71. The salesman will peddle his books.       Can you pedal a bike?

  72. I took a computer course.    I played on the golf course.  The wood felt coarse.

  73. Adam has grown 3 inches.      The injured child will groan in pain.

  74. The maid cleaned the motel.       Mom made supper.

  75. Tyrone likes to listen to rap music.       Will you wrap the birthday present?

  76. He has seen this show before.       What was your favorite scene of the movie?

  77. How would you like to go shopping?     We need some wood for the campfire .

  78. Kelly gave birth to twins.       I will take the top berth when we go to bed.

  79. Jennifer was in a daze when she got hit.        How many days left of school?

  80. We ate the whole pizza.       The mouse got in through a hole in the wall.

  81. The Indians planted maize.       I couldn't find my way out of the maze.

  82. The rabbit ate a carrot.       The ring was 14 carat gold.

  83. The miner discovered gold.       You can't go in a bar if you are a minor.

  84. My feet are a size 8.       Climbing to the summit of the mountain is a feat.

  85. I will lay the baby in the crib.       In Hawaii, most people wear a lei.

  86. Her soul went to heaven.       The sole of my shoe is worn out.

  87. Her vein was hard to find.        The weather vane pointed north. Sally was vain about her looks.

  88. Open the gate for the farmer.       The horse went at a fast gait.

  89. Sara is in mourning over the loss of her husband.     I rise at 6:00 in the morning.

  90. The sun rays are bright.       I would like raise at my job.

  91. The bear cub was sniffing the tree.       I love to go bare foot.

  92. The dog belongs to him.       We sang a hymn at church.

  93. The gopher will burrow into the ground.        The burro brayed yesterday.

  94. We went through the tunnel.       The pitcher threw the ball to the batter.

  95. The dress was very plain.       The plane crashed into the building.

  96. The file cabinet is made of steel.       Don't steal from the store.

  97. I picked a raspberry from the bush.      The dog will bury the bone.

  98. This week is almost over.       The old woman was very weak.

  99. The horse is beautiful.       My voice is hoarse.

  100. I had the flu for 4 days.       The eagle flew over the river.  The smoke went up the flue of the chimney.

  101. She taught me a lesson on cooking.        The rope was very taut.

  102. He will be right here.       The bee made honey.

  103. You will not get to go to the movies.       The knot is too tight.

  104. Write down your answer.      You gave the right answer.

  105. The bread dough rose.       The doe had 2 baby fawns.

  106. She heard the cry of the baby.       The Indians hunted the herd of buffalo.

  107. Turkey and geese are a kind of fowl.     I hit a foul ball.

  108. I went to school.   I bought two candy bars.  I need some bread, too.

  109. She will alter her dress.       The pastor stood at the altar.

  110. What kind of cereal do you want?      What is the serial number on the TV?

  111. The teacher will praise you for good behavior.      She prays every night.     The lion preys on zebras.

  112. Put it over there.        They couldn't find their car.  They're going to the movies.

  113. The doctor saw 15 patients.       You need patience to be a mother.

  114. He will sell his CD player.       We looked at a cell in the microscope.

  115. I will do it for you.       Dillion is four today.  The golfer yelled "fore" before he hit the ball.

  116. Can we go in the pool now?       We stayed at the inn over Easter.

  117. What aisle is the pasta in?       We vacationed on a tropical isle.  I'll take you to the circus.

  118. Adam is my son.       Put sun block on if you are going to be in the sun.

  119. Do you want a piece of pie?       I wish for peace in the world.

  120. The hare hopped by.      Your hair is short.

  121. I think you know the main idea of the story.       The horse's mane was braided.

  122. I have a pain in my leg.      We put a new pane of glass in the window.

  123. The whale spouted water into the air.  I wail of the child was heard by his mom.

  124. The fire crews put out the fire.     We will cruise around the lake.

  125. John was bored in school.        The carpenter nailed a board on the wall.

  126. Sally took a big breath of air.         Tom is the heir to the estate.

  127. Mom pulled the weed in her flower pot.        We'd better get do our work

  128. The gymnastics team won the state meet.     The lake was teeming with fish.

  129. I received 10 birthday presents.  Your presence is required in class.

  130. We received some correspondence from Iraq.  Our correspondents will report the news at 6:00 pm.

  131. We should censor this movie.  Our sensors on our body help us to learn about new things.

  132. John got an illusive job.  Terry was elusive when hiding in the closet.

  133. I will waive my rights for an attorney.  Tom will wave goodbye.

  134. I will cast my fishing rod.  I am a member of the cast for the play. I have a cast on my foot.  What social caste were the serfs in?

  135. I will baste the turkey.  I will baste the seams together. The company I work for is based in Minneapolis.

  136. John's heirs will inherit his money.  She airs her opinions quite frequently.

  137. Make sure and read the clause in this document.  The cat has sharp claws.

  138. Use your good manners please.  I live in an expensive manor.

  139. There was a cession in the fighting in Iraq.  The court is now in session.

  140. I have a callus on my palm from digging.  Bob can be so stern and callous sometimes.

  141. We all are going to the movies.  I used an awl to make a hole in my leather belt.

  142. We have to bail the water out of the boat.  The judge set a $10,000 bail.  We loaded 10 bales of hay.

  143. I have 2 dependents.  He has too much dependence on his parents.

  144. There are 14 mega bytes of memory.  Sally took small bites of her broccoli.

  145. Alcohol is banned from this school.  Jerry played in the school band.

  146. Tell me the current news.  I drank some currant juice.

  147. The crowd was very hostile outside the court room.  I stayed in a hostel in Europe.

  148. Looking at the dark clouds, I would say a storm is imminent.  He was an eminent officer in the army.

  149. I threw the ball to my dad.  They baby will bawl when he is hungry.

  150. My horse eats hay.  Hey!  Don't do that!

  151. Are those real diamonds?  Paul has a new reel for his fishing pole.

  152. I will aid you with your homework.  The aide will help you in the regular classroom.

  153. Nancy wore her bridal gown.  Alex put the bridle on the horse.

  154. You may go, but come home early.  The goat will butt his had against the fence.

  155. Write your name in capital letters.  Our class will go the the capitol building.

  156. Cinderella had a fairy godmother.  The ferry carried out car across the river.

  157. The speaker will pause when the audience laughs.  The dog's paws are muddy.

  158. The bell will ring in 10 minutes. OR I will wear a ring on my finger.  Wring out your swimming suit.

  159. The pirates sailed on the seas.  I think the teacher sees me.  The police will seize the robber.

  160. Would you like some tea to drink?  The golfer hit the ball off the tee.

  161. The ocean tide knocked down the sand castle.  The boy scout tied a knot in the rope.

  162. Don't waste paper.  The belt fit around my waist.

  163. The rainbow made an arc in the sky.  The ark sailed across the ocean.

  164. The baron owned a lot of land in the kingdom.  The land was barren in the winter.

  165. The cotton boll is white.  I eat cereal out of a bowl.

  166. The movie will bore me.  The wild boar was shot by the hunter.

  167. The Indians hid their treasures in the cache.  I got some cash from my mom.

  168. The artist painted on the canvas.   We had to canvass the town for votes.

  169. We will carol after school today.   I did my math at the study carrel.

  170. The coal went down the chute.  I w ill shoot a duck.

  171. A skull and crossbones is a symbol of poison.  John hit the cymbal with a drumstick.

  172. A prince saved the princess from the dragon.  The dog left his prints all over the kitchen floor.

  173. Who's going to the game tonight?  Whose coat is on the floor?

  174. The soldier is bolder than I am.  I will put the big boulder in my yard.

  175. The prisoner pleas for his life.   Please pass the salt.

  176. I use the sense of taste when I eat.  The scents of the candles filled my room.

  177. I had a sore on my navel.  The naval ship was on patrol.

  178. I asked the Doc if I had the flu.  I tied my boat up to the dock.

  179. The world is spinning on its axis.   The wind whirled the dirt in the air.