Multiple Meaning Answers       


  Here are some examples of each of the multiple meaning words used as a noun and a verb.  Click on any word to go back to the  "Multiple Meaning" page.

  1. crash: I had a car crash.  Tom will try not to crash into the pole.

  2. pet: I have a golden lab for a pet.  Sara and Jenna like to pet dogs.

  3. dance: The middle school will have a dance.  I will dance the jitterbug.

  4. cut: Bill has a cut on his finger.  Tam will cut out the pictures.

  5. paw:  My dog's paw is big.  The horse will paw at the snow to find grass.

  6. dread: My dread of birds causes me problems.  Marla dreads taking tests.

  7. post: Gary pounded the post into the dirt.  The teacher will post the grades.

  8. string: The guitar string broke.  He has to string beads in preschool.

  9. smell: Kids sweating have a smell.  Sue can smell a skunk.

  10. fire: We will build a fire and roast marshmallows.  The boss will fire him.

  11. wish: Make a wish and blow out the candles.  He will wish for a football.

  12. fight: There was a fight in the parking lot.  He will fight for his life

  13. pack: The wolf pack killed the zebra.  Jeff has to pack his suitcase.

  14. love: My love for you grows everyday.  Tom and Tam love each other.

  15. color: Green is my favorite color.  Tony will color in her coloring book.

  16. shape: A diamond is a shape.  Try to shape the clay into an animal.

  17. break: The employee took a break.  Dusty will try not to break his new toy.

  18. track: The train goes on a track.  The detectives will track the criminal.

  19. farm: We bought a farm.  The farmer will farm 150 acres of corn.

  20. point: The scissors have a sharp point.  It's not polite to point.

  21. bend: We went around a bend in the road.  Don't bend the card.

  22. corner: The car went around the corner.  The hyenas will corner the lion.

  23. shot: The shot hurt.  The hunter shot the deer.

  24. spring: The spring on the mattress is sprung.  Spring out of bed each day!

  25. might: He has a lot of power and might.  I might go to the movies.

  26. police:  The police captured the criminal.  Police the area for any litter.

  27. stamp: I bought a book of stamps.  The teacher will stamp the paper "A".

  28. trick: The dog performed a trick.  John will trick Tim into doing his work.

  29. crack: Open the window just a crack.  Tam will crack the nuts.

  30. taste: The taste of the candy was sour.  I will taste the cookies.

  31. burn: Terry got a 3rd degree burn on his arm.  Tara will burn the candle.

  32. walk: Gary and I went for a long walk.  Will you please walk the dog?

  33. whisper: Larry heard the whisper of the wind.  Whisper the answer to me.

  34. tire: We had to buy 4 new tires for the van.  The kids tire me out.

  35. shine: The shine of the window caused a glare.  I need to shine my shoes.

  36. trap: My uncle set a trap to catch a raccoon.  He likes to trap skunk, too.

  37. camp: Adam went to scout camp.  We camp on weekends in our camper.

  38. bomb: A bomb blew up the federal building.  We will bomb our enemies.

  39. shop:  At the bridal shop, the girl bought a gown.  I will shop for clothes.

  40. place:  Can you come to my place? Tom will place the glass on the shelf.

  41. cover: Put the cover on the box.  Please cover the meat so it won't spoil.

  42. staple: We need to buy staples.  Staple the papers together, please.

  43. shout: Nick heard a shout for help.  Please don't shout inside.

  44. float: Missy made a root beer float.  The duck can float on the water.

  45. station: The kids toured the fire station.  Station yourself on lookout duty.

  46. plan: Teachers make lesson plans.  Lets plan a party.

  47. talk: I heard talk of a robbery.  Can we talk some time?

  48. fence: They put a fence around the yard.  The vet will fence in his back lot.

  49. swing: Susie put a swing in her back yard.  Will you swing with me?

  50. name:  What is your name?  What will you name your baby?

  51. set: The couple got a set of dishes for a gift. Set the spiker in volleyball.

  52. paint: She chose was blue paint.  Now she will paint her house.

  53. cry: Mason heard the cry of the hawk.  Riley will cry when his mom leaves.

  54. store: I need you to go to the store for me.  I will store my toys in the box.

  55. shell: Katie found a shell at the beach.  Lets shell the peas.

  56. map: Karrie bought a map of the USA.  Now we can map out our trip.

  57. block: Jayden ran around the block.  In football, you need  to block.

  58. pay: You will get your pay every 2 weeks.  Shane will pay his bills.

  59. touch: Hugs are a good touch.  Please don't touch the wet paint.

  60. review: Lets have a review for math.  Bryan needs to review his work.

  61. list: Make a list of things you need at the store.  Matt will list the items here.

  62. brush: I bought a hair brush.  You should brush your teeth every day.

  63. snack: Mom made me a snack after school.  Don't snack before supper.

  64. cure: I hope they find a cure for cancer.  Can you cure my hiccups?

  65. fit: I feel physically fit.  The 60 year old can still fit into her wedding dress.

  66. guess: My guess is 129 jellybeans.   Guess how old I am?

  67. respect: Ryan has respect for his coach.  Please respect your elders.

  68. oil: Our car needs an oil change.  Chad will oil his bike chain.

  69. dress: Katie bought a new dress.  Tina will dress her doll in a bathing suit.

  70. thunder: I heard thunder last night. Maybe it will thunder again tonight.

  71. snap: My jeans have a snap on them.  Jenna will snap her coat.

  72. paper: I bought a ream of white paper.  We will paper the bathroom.

  73. board: The man sawed a board.  Board up the windows for the hurricane.

  74. snow: Last winter, we had 72" of snow.  It will snow again this week.

  75. field: The farmer planted his field.  The 2nd baseman will field the ball.

  76. stop: There is a stop sign. The policeman will stop the car for speeding.

  77. hope: Our hope is that you will get well.  Adam hopes he will get a pickup.

  78. wash: I did 3 loads of wash.  Go and wash the van, please.

  79. hit: The boxer took a hit to the face.  That house got hit by a tornado.

  80. flood: There was a flood, in Madison, in 1993.  Every spring it floods.

  81. raise: The employee would like a raise.  On Memorial Day we raise the flag.

  82. soil: The farm has fertile soil.  Chad will soil his shirt digging in the dirt.

  83. pin: Does anyone have a safety pin?  I will pin up the hem on your jeans.

  84. picture: I bought a picture for my house.  Picture a rainbow in your mind.

  85. mark: You made a mark on the wall.  Mark where you are in your book.

  86. spy: Larry hired a spy to solve the murder of his wife.  I spy a butterfly.

  87. crown: The queen is wearing her crown.  The king will crown his son.

  88. spell: The witch will cast a spell on you.  Riley can spell his name.

  89. hold: Grab a hold of the line.  The mother will hold her baby to nurse.

  90. fool: What a fool he is for smoking.  Jerry tried to fool his teacher.

  91. skate: Katie got new ice skates.  She will skate for 2 hours this Saturday.

  92. attack: William had a heart attack.  The army will attack the enemy.

  93. lounge:  Look in the teacher's lounge.  Can we lounge around today?

  94. shovel: Gary bought a new shovel.  Adam shovels snow for the neighbors.

  95. pump: My grandma had a water pump.  She had to pump water daily.

  96. jerk: He is a real jerk.  The fish will jerk your line.

  97. grin: The model has a nice grin.  Wipe that grin off your face.

  98. rub: I need a back rub.  Try to rub the spot of the carpet.

  99. dream: Last night I had a dream. Sometimes I dream about you.

  100. drill: Gary used a drill to make the hole.  Can you drill a hole in this board?

  101. roast: Tam made a roast for supper.  Tom will roast the turkey in the oven.

  102. trade: Painting is a trade.  I will trade football cards with you.

  103. doctor: Kristen went to the doctor.  The nurse will doctor your injury.

  104. fish: Bill caught a 10 lb. fish.  He likes to fish for walleyes.

  105. help: Do you need any help?  Katie will help you with math.

  106. crowd: There was a crowd at the mall.  Try not to crowd in line.

  107. bowl: Put the ingredients in the bowl.  Gary will bowl tonight.

  108. joke: The comedian told a joke.  Don't joke about someone's health.

  109. roll:  Please pass the rolls.  Jayden can roll over now.

  110. chain: Put the chain around the tree.  Chain Kassie up to the tree.

  111. signal: Stop at the signal.  Signal when you are going to turn.

  112. mistake: Everyone makes mistakes.  People mistake me for Tam.

  113. harm: The tornado did a lot of harm.  Smoking harms your lungs.

  114. blossom: The blossom is a pretty pink.  The flower will blossom soon.

  115. whistle: The referee blew his whistle.  Matt will whistle when he is ready.

  116. junk: Katie likes to collect junk.  I will junk this old bike.

  117. patch: Mary put a patch on her shirt.  Ann will patch her jeans.

  118. master: Slaves worked for their master.  Mason will master his numbers.

  119. guard: The guard policed the prison.  Guard your valuables on a trip.

  120. beach: Let's go to the beach.  The whale will beach himself on the beach.

  121. report: I wrote a report on AIDS.  Please report to the principal's office.

  122. drug: Don't take drugs.  The doctor will drug his patient before surgery.

  123. salt: Adam likes salt on his popcorn.  Katie will salt it for him.

  124. wiggle: That girl has a wiggle when she walks.  Don't wiggle in your chair.

  125. hammer: Tom bought a new hammer.  Try to hammer the nail in the wood.

  126. scare: I had a scare when I fell.  The storm will scare Bill.

  127. notice: Put the notice on the bulletin board.  I notice you have a new dress.

  128. share: This is your share of the candy.  Kristen will share her clothes.

  129. trust: We put money in the trust fund.  Parents want to trust their children.

  130. light: Turn on the light.  This candle will light our way.

  131. degree: I drew a 80 degree angle.  I earned my college degree.  It is 70 degrees outside.

  132. nursery: I took my child to the nursery at church.  I bought a tree at the nursery.

  133. course: I took a course on Spanish.  I went to the golf course.  Of course, I will go. I went through the obstacle course.

  134. grave: I visited my grandma's grave.  The man was in grave condition after the accident.

  135. digest: My stomach will digest the meal I ate.  I have to digest this information for my science test.

  136. recall: I recall the time we had a slumber party.  The dog food was recalled due to rat poison.

  137. display: I will display the clothes in the window.  The display of hand painted eggs was in the art gallery.

  138. disguises: The children wore their disguises to the costume party.  He disguises himself by wearing a mask.

  139. lasso: The cowboy used his lasso when herding the cattle.  Cowboys lasso the baby calves for branding.

  140. quarters: A football game has 4 quarters.  There are 4 quarters in a dollar.  I cut the apple into quarters.  The soldier's sleeping quarters were crowded.

  141. bound: I am bound for California.  The kidnapper bound the child with rope.

  142. peddling: I am peddling my bike.  The peddler was peddling his wares.

  143. mission: It was the army's mission to capture the terrorists.  The monk slept at the mission.

  144. racket: There was a loud racket out in the hallway.  I bought a new tennis racket.

  145. court: The judge wanted order in his court.  The team played basketball on the court.  In the olden days, a man would court a woman.

  146. diet: I need to go on a diet.  I diet by eating fruits and veggies.

  147. minor: Kids under 18 are considered minors.  I had a minor accident.